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EEOC Takes Decisive Action Against Harassment Targeting Transgender Individuals

DC Employment Lawyers: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) is intensifying its efforts to combat discriminatory treatment against transgender employees. Recently, a pizzeria in New York agreed to pay $25,000 and accepted other conditions to settle a case brought by the EEOC. The allegations included the owner and several staff members telling their transgender co-worker that he “wasn’t a real man” and making inappropriate inquiries about his transition and genitalia.
Regrettably, transgender employees face alarmingly high rates of employment discrimination, prompting decisive action from the EEOC. According to a recent study, 48.8% of transgender employees experienced discrimination based on their LGBTQ+ status. Similarly, 43.9% reported being denied employment opportunities due to their LGBTQ+ status, and a staggering 43.8% endured verbal harassment during their careers.
DC Employment Lawyers recommend that employers take affirmative steps to protect their LGBTQ+ employees and safeguard themselves from civil liability. These steps include:
Creating and implementing policies and procedures explicitly prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation.
Conducting regular (at least yearly) training covering all forms of unlawful discrimination, including LGBTQ+ discrimination. Cultivating a tolerant and welcoming culture through educational events and programs.
Clearly communicating a strong commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion. Providing employees with a clear process for reporting allegedly discriminatory conduct.
Taking all allegations of discrimination seriously and implementing effective, remedial steps to ensure resolution and prevent recurrence.

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