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Washington, DC Embraces Pay Transparency

This spring, Washington, D.C. employers, guided by DC Employment Lawyers, should prioritize updating their compliance protocols to navigate the latest pay transparency mandates. Mayor Bowser signed the Wage Transparency Omnibus Amendment Act of 2023 on January 12, 2024, amending the 2014 Wage Transparency Act and introducing new disclosure requirements, particularly impacting job postings and applicant wage history inquiries. The Act, effective from June 30, 2024, extends to all private employers with at least one employee in D.C., regardless of hours or remote work arrangements.

Under the Act, employers must disclose salary or hourly pay ranges and highlight healthcare benefits in job postings, promotions, or transfer opportunities. Additionally, they are prohibited from asking about an applicant’s wage history, aligning with existing restrictions for D.C. government agencies. Employers must also prominently display workplace notices detailing employee rights under the Act.

While the Act lacks private right of action, the D.C. Attorney General can investigate violations and pursue civil action, including restitution and penalties. DC Employment Lawyers advise employers to update job advertisements, anticipate the new workplace notice publication, and train hiring personnel to comply with the salary history inquiry ban.

Furthermore, employers should conduct pay audits under legal counsel guidance to address potential pay differentials and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Stay tuned for updates from D.C. Council and relevant agencies to adapt to evolving disclosure obligations and prepare effectively for the Act’s implementation.

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